Is there anybody out there who is lost and hurt and lonely too? – Coldplay



If the moonlight is still shining off your open eyes at this hour, honey, love has either got you or neglected you


“Are you okay” usually sets me off, it reminds me that I’m sad, perpetually sad. Sadness is like a weight on your chest, a really heavy stone. That being said, the human body is a beautiful thing, it adjusts, acclimatizes, accommodates, adapts to the weight, it learns to function around it. Meaning that you’re going to have your good days and your bad days, the bad days however hit the hardest, your good days are never going to feel as surreal and intense as the bad days, the good days are good but the bad are horrible, unbearable. Even on the greatest of the good days all it takes is a reminder that my heart is sick, “are you okay” “what’s wrong” “how are things with ______”, triggers that feel like being pushed off a ladder, one that you’ve worked so hard to climb, used every fibre in your body to climb, all that progress and nothing to show for it.