MARCH 1st; sword for Subu7

so here is my plan plain and simple, not the slightest bit glorified:

1. LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD; this includes but is not limited to working out eating right drinking water wearing makeup dressing nicely smiling more smelling good bathing more taking care of my hair

2. CONNECT WITH GOD; or should I say reconnect, again this includes wearing the hijab praying on time and just actually praying making frequent duaas and being nicer

3.CARE LESS; my Lord this is important because for as long as I can remember I’ve lived in a shell when in public places I fear people’s gaze and even their unvoiced thoughts, it’s bad so what I want to be is vocal and expressive I want to open mouth wider to convey emotion and feelings when I talk I don’t want to be monotone I want to be confident when I speak

4. WRITE MORE; I want to come to this museum and pay almost daily visits I want to leave an almost tangible sample of myself here, almost daily

5. WORD HARD; I need to get it through my head that nothing comes easy, I’m going to have to work at every single one of these points but I don’t want that to be the end I want everything I do in life to have a drop of my sweat within it

6. DON’T LIE; seriously I need to stop, it’s becoming scary how easily words get passed the guard of my lips

7. LOVE MORE; no more jealousy I just want to be pure and love is the purest emotion one can feel, I wish to embody this



okay, I’m excited for tomorrow my reformations are going to start and I hope I can stay on my path and not lose hope like I do

I underestimated how good it feels to have one less person in the world dislike me but what I also underestimated is my weakness for having something to say; silences scare me and I tend to over speak and spill too much