I always talked about how much I hated high school but I never anticipated the melancholy that would succeed it. I miss being known and being surrounded by people I know. I’m also jealous of everybody starting anew while I’m stuck here hanging on to what could have been. I did make some changes, I watched my best friends slip away and I did nothing about it. One still kills me whenever I think of her, one I’m happy for doing so. Sure I’ll miss her but I won’t miss the feeling of inferiority I won’t miss her immaturity or her know it all attitude I won’t miss how empty her promises were. I’ll still cringe when people talk about her but not necessarily because I miss her but because I want everybody to know just what kind of a manipulative person she really is. Everything in it’s own time. This I can be proud of, as for the other she really is lost and I pray to God everyday that she finds her way back. I’ll work out the rest on my own, but knowing that I made this change, this big change that I’ve feared since I met her, this change will fuel my journey; consider this stage 1. 


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