I see a _______ where my passion was once. A _______ that could have took me far past all of the misery in the world and let me _______. Impeccably artificial of a _______ is what I’m left with. Promise me that you will always do what you can to connect, to communicate don’t leave anything where it feels _______ to keep it. Leave nothing but secrets a secret. Please, if you want to let your thoughts, your feelings, your _______ be known, then act upon it. Heed if you like but communication is a skill which does not linger where it is not _______. Be who you can and never leave your _______ in the hands of another. I realize just how fragmented this warning is but I wish for everybody to be able to complete it for themselves not because _______ but because I no longer posses the skills to be able to. Writer’s block is not limited to writing.


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