Do you know when you meet someone and without even knowing them you just feel like God is gifting you with them? Or when you see somebody so many times in one day that you start to believe that your encounters are due to the workings of fate? Let’s start with the latter. I felt like something was going to happen yesterday and when I saw him on the bus I thought it was just luck. He got off way before me so I though mehh whatever. Then I caught a brief glimpse of him on my way to class, there is not a doubt in my mind that it was him. Next I go to the prayer room and there he is albeit he’s leaving, an encounter nonetheless. Next in line at Tim Horton’s I felt the sudden need to turn around and there he was. Back to where I was sitting 15 minutes later and again I catch sight of his characteristic features. Is it fate or just one too many coincidences, either way I didn’t mind he is nothing bad to look at. On to my meeting. On the way up in the elevator I look to the side and he smiles (this is somebody entirely new, somebody that I’ve noticed but never thought anything of). We get off at the same floor he asks a question, I answer and then the conversation pours out of me without a hint of anxiety. I felt at ease and with every second I spent staring at his smile I looked towards God in my minds eye. He’s so friendly my God was he ever friendly and cute and just easy to get along with. I’m glad I met him and I hope this doesn’t turn into another short coming on my behalf, I want to get something out of this. I am vowing to smile and say at least one word to him every time I see him so my name doesn’t fade into a distant echo barely audible to begin with. Whenever somebody extends even the slightest courtesy towards me I start to sprint and I race through my future with them recurring whenever I drew them out. I need to learn to take it easy so I’m not taken hard when I realize to them it’s more of a retrograded motion. I’ll work on that but I don’t want him to slip away.


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