Do what makes you comfortable, I can’t stress enough how soon we’re all going to die. Don’t waste what you’ve got wondering if other people are going to judge you for what you’re doing because it’s all in your head and what’s in the head of people that aren’t you, it’s none of your damn business. It’s all in your head, stay true to yourself. Worrying about the opinions of other people is, in fact, worrying about your own opinions. You can never be sure about thoughts that haven’t been voiced, especially those that originate in a mind that isn’t your own. Therefore, by worrying about an opinion that you formulated and assigned to somebody else, you’re worrying about your own opinion and if that doesn’t make this whole fiasco seem inadequate then I don’t know what will. You are your biggest enemy, you are your biggest critic you are the only one who can heal yourself and you can start by loving yourself, you can start by being gentle towards yourself, you can start by valuing your sanity more than you value the unvoiced thoughts of others. Stop being sad, stop feeling like a victim, stop behaving like one. The world owes you nothing, you owe yourself the world. You owe yourself love, you owe yourself creative expression, you owe it to yourself to never be ashamed of who you are, you owe it to God to thank Him for every situation you have ever found yourself in, no matter how extreme. When you’re feeling down, just remember you owe it to yourself to make room for expressions of the heart and after you come to terms with that which is making you unhappy, you drop it, you thank God and you move one. Move on, life moves on and it will do so with or without you so you might as well pick up the pace, but just keep in mind there is time to slow down when you need to. “Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about.” Pass this on, and on, and on until everybody in the world learns what it means to be free.


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