On Muslim women not putting up pictures on facebook

Why is everything always about how men observe us? Men will observe you in the real world as well. A picture, if it’s not nude nor immodest, is just that, a picture. Why do we take pictures at all? Why do we share things with people at all? It’s conventional, we share our experiences with others, not for the sake of making ourselves look better, which is a whole other topic, but just to share. This type of sharing just happens to occur in a visual medium and so then attraction is the issue? Attraction is also human nature, if you’re begging for attention by dressing provocatively then that’s a different story, but if somebody is attracted to you and you’re doing nothing to call for this attraction, especially as a muslim woman wherein you’re dressed modestly, then why is that your fault? We are muslim yes but we are also human and interaction is part of human nature. The post said something about us putting up only nice pictures, well does that mean I can put up a picture that I don’t personally find flattering? What if somebody else finds it flattering? Is that still wrong? I think this whole sheltering movement is what makes muslim woman look so oppressed. We are women, we are muslim, and we are also functional members of society. “Man by nature is a social animal” we will do what it takes to function and be accepted by the society that precedes the individual. WE ARE HUMAN.


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