Listen to the sound of the key composing the music of the unlocking, the unveiling. I’m free. I want to be the beauty, inside and out. I want to be the one people turn to when they want the truth, I want to tell it like it is. I want to be eloquent, expressive and lighthearted. I want my love for art to seep out of my every pore. I want my clothes to embody this, my makeup, my style, my music, my ideas. I wish to create. I want to sing, my God I want to sing. I want to achieve. I want to be fit, I want health mental and physical health. I want to ease my tensions and rid myself of them altogether. I want to work hard, at everything I try my hand at. I believe that there is one principle which we all live by. One common principle that guides us in everything we do. A simple set of rules or maybe just one rule. This summer I’ll set out to find it. I want to love myself more than anybody will ever love me. I want my individualism to exceed my society. I want to know, words and their meanings, concepts, news. I want to be bold in everything I do, I want to be indispensable. I want to fear nothing but God.  I want to explore the power of words. I promise to write everyday. I don’t want to lose this potential, I don’t want to lock it away again because I don’t know how long I’m going to be blocked. I think I found the key though, it was underneath jealousy, the self loathing and the timidity that consumed me and, my interior evidently. Summer, dear girl, come quick our dance begins soon.


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