Trying to explain myself in a manner that will make you want to understand because the only language we share is beauty

I feel so grey today, drab and lifeless and I just want to vanish. Vanish, but without pain because my intent is not harm but rather relief. I want to start floating and continue floating high above all the sorrow I have ever felt for whatever cause because it just hurts all the same. I want to talk with the universe because the universe won’t bother trying to help me, help, in case you haven’t already guessed, isn’t what I need. I want to be held, and I’ll do so by laying idly in the clouds with not a worry nor sound in sight. Can I do so for a while? I have the right don’t I? I have the right to at least a trial of lighthearted happiness. I deserve at least that much don’t I? Just a taste and I’ll go back just promise me a taste.


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