It’s funny how somebody whom you thought was so perfect could turn out this way. It’s funny how strikingly different they can be after you really get to know them. This epitomizes the “nobody is perfect” theme of life for me. Don’t get me wrong I love her she’s great and she means well but she does have an inflated sense of self. It’s like she always has to mention how many friends she has and how many people she knows or when I tell her of people that know her she pretends not to know them. Her idea of a friend however proves to be quite shallow as a girl that I introduced her to and with whom she has talked to all of about three times is somebody she considers close. I don’t know how that works but if all of her friendships are this empty then I don’t know that she does have as many friends as she makes it seem. Don’t get me started on the boys. Boys are literally her life. She wants to be the one in the group with the most experience and sometimes her stories so elaborate and involved that I don’t know if I believe her. She claims to have gotten close enough to guys to know what a relationship feels like when really … Which is all great, but it makes me wonder if these stories and interactions were to be true, then why would she need to boast about them so much? It’s annoying to put up with. She always has to be the superior one when it comes to all things males and it kind of seems as though she throws you beneath her in these cases. I’m so so so annoyed right now. Trade offs is what life is all about, this I now know. Why did she have to describe her as “a friend of mine” when she knew damn well that I knew the girl. This way it’s as if “you don’t know the people I know” or better yet “I have so many friends” or maybe it’s a mix of the two. I still love her. 


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